About us

Our purpose is to make you successful. That purpose has been driven us every day for more than a decade. Our programs are designed to help you create sustainable business impact and get prepared for future challenges. We offer programs that are business focused, customer-oriented and state-of-the-art: not only scratching the surface, but diving deep into the complex mechanisms of behavioral and organizational change.

Our team


And who are the people behind the thyssenkrupp Academy?

A highly motivated and experienced team of learning & transformation professionals with the ambition to find the best solutions for your personal development and the performance of your organization.  

Vanessa Yee Sun Degethof



There is no impossible possible if you have the right people working together.

Office management and adminstration

Torsten Fröhlke

What drives me is to motivate people to make our world a little better every day by unfolding their own potential. 

General skills and
non-grade leadership programs

Tim Kopetzki

I am passionate about developing successful solutions for and with my colleagues.

Program management

Alice Drevenstedt



"Getting together is a start, sticking together is progress, working together is a success.” – Henry Ford


Sabine Hartmann

I am passionate about finding the most effective and efficient solutions for the great variety of challenges,
I am happy to face every day.

Operations management

Michael Manss

Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.

- Tom Barrett, politician -

Project management programs

Olivia Eberwein

I am passionate about

encouraging people in their

personal development.

Client and business management

Mona Hild

Exploring new ways of learning,
to make knowledge and the opportunity
to learn accessible for everyone,
independent from time, location 
- that drives me every day. 

Digital learning

Dr. David Maus

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. - Abraham Lincoln -

In this sense, my passion is to convince people of their own capabilities – when people start to see their own potential, take over the driver seat and act responsibly.

Occupational safety & health programs

Daniela Müller



I support the idea of lifelong learning
and development - in professional and
private life.

Program management

Sebastian Scheibner



Organizations don‘t change. People do.

Functional skills programs

Eva Münster

It is my aim to accompany people sustainably in their learning process and to always broaden my own horizons in order to be smarter tomorrow than yesterday.

Client and business coordination

Dr. Janin Schwartau

I am passionate about exploring new ideas, creating new avenues and driving things forward - for our clients, our team and in my

personal life.

Head of thyssenkrupp Academy

Yvonne Muñoz



I trust that great communication is our way to success.

Marketing and communication

Nicola Sondermann

What drives me is creating valuable learning experiences, bringing people together and see the change happen.  

Program management

Burcin Ugurlu


I am passionate about enabling our people and our clients to perform at their best.

Digital transformation programs

Tanja van Hulst



My passion is to co-design exciting programs and new learning formats to inspire people to enjoy learning!

Program management