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Customer Centricity

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More and more, customers are uncompromising in demanding quick and competitively priced customized solutions. We support you in building an organization that puts your customer in the center and help focus your people and processes on an outstanding customer experience.  

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What to do when your customer experience strategy needs a better organizational setup, more customer-oriented processes and smoother customer interaction to compete in your market?

We supported a business unit over time to optimize their industry-specific customer strategy. Together we setup a modular approach for ~100 colleagues from the Top and Middle Management to improve customer orientation on a process and organizational level.

As a result, the customer journey for major processes have been improved significantly due to customer centric changes in collaboration and organization.


Check out these inspiring sample formats or programs
to get an idea of how a solution for you could look like:

Driving Performance through Customer Value (Learning Journey)

Take your team on a journey to explore the true needs of your clients and develop a plan how to deliver real value-adding solutions to them.

This interactive and highly practical program has one paramount aim: to enable you to foster a culture of top performance in your area of responsibility. As a result of this program you will have unearthed the truly essential needs of those stakeholders that are core to your work. Together with your team you will use these needs to flesh out your core value proposition and practice how you can empower your team to create performance improvements  autonomously and continuously.

Building the Customer Centric Organization (Learning Journey)

Together with your team, re-design your organization putting your customer at the heart of all your activities.

This learning journey is kicked off by an introductory impulse session. Subsequently and optional, you can pick and choose various themes for more indept sessions: either with your peer leaders or with your team. 
Organized in various workshops and labs, topics and challenges covered will be (1) "Customer experience management (How to develop customer centric operations?)", (2) "Organization design (How to structure your organization towards more customer centricity?)"  and (3) "Digital innovation (How to manage innovation for customer centric outcomes?)"

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