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Digital Transformation

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Developing and driving digital business is a matter of technology, but it also requires an organization that can continuously adapt and evolve and it requires the right people skills. We can customize your digital transformation journey with you, giving inspiration on technologies and organizational practices and helping you upskill your people in current digital skills.

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Do you feel like there is more potential in digital technologies than you have implemented in your company so far? Do not all the relevant people in your company share the same ideas and mindset regarding your digital transformation?

In a similar situation, we took an extended top leadership team on a Learning Expedition with the purpose of exploring how the company could exploit digital technologies better and aligning the management team on a joint way forward.

After looking into key technologies and learning how major tech players and startups leverage these, the management team defined their digital strategy and has since consequently transformed from an “old industry approach” into becoming the leading digital player in their market.  


Check out these inspiring sample formats or programs
to get an idea of how a solution for you could look like:

Digital Discovery Session (Learning Expedition)

Explore the opportunities of new technologies and digital business models.
Develop the fitting mindset to succeed in a digital age and enhance your performance.

This program is a collective learning experience that provide you with a solid basis on how the digital economy will impact your teams and businesses in the future. Designed in a very interactive, hands-on and fun way it will give you a unique platform to gain new insights into technologies changing our world and to better understand business and service models building onto them.

Digitaler Vertrag

Boosting Your Digital Transformation (Deep Dive Team program)

According to Harvard Business Review, 84 percent of CEOs believe that digital disruption is imminent, and almost half think that their current business model will be obsolete by 2028 – some 6 years away.  Yet most companies do not have a plan or a “digital agenda” in place to transform and prepare for the future. Also, they often do not fully grasp the current state of their own digital maturity and what a digital future could mean for them – and even less what it could mean for their industry or their competitors. Surviving on this fast-paced playing field requires a constant focus on clients, performance and innovation and reinventing virtually  every facet of large-company norms  e.g. the “traditional ways of doing business”.

This offer intends to equip you and your organizations with the necessities to win on today’s digital playing field.

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