(Y)our transformation programs

Organizations face major challenges in today’s complex world to become even more performant and attractive for all stakeholders. Structure, strategy and people aspects are of equal importance to drive performance. We co-develop your organizational capabilities together with you by addressing levers such as great leadership.


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Leading and working 
in a hybrid world

Managers are expected to actively help shaping the change and thus also promote hybrid work models, adjust to and get involved in the new world of work. Hybrid work requires a new, adapted management culture and challenges managers in a new way.


The diverse offers of the thyssenkrupp Academy strengthen and support managers and employees on their way into the new world of work. She equips them with tools and methods and strengthens the network among themselves so that they can exchange ideas about current challenges.

Great frontline leaders
Great  frontline leaders

This program drives cultural change with a strong focus on leadership. The goal is to build leadership competence with frontline leaders and strengthen the supervisors of frontline leaders in their role. As result everyone supports the same leadership practices that steadily increase operational performance.

Within the program, frontline leaders choose their individual improvement project to practice the new leadership skills, supported by impact workshops, coaching on the job and mentoring.

All levels of leaders are addressed in cohorts to create maximum impact for the cultural change.

Pathways to safety
Pathways to safety

From defense to attack! Leaders who want to raise the level of safety require more than reasoning and rules. They need learning formats, which enable sustainable mindset change. “Pathways to Safety” programs offer exactly that. It is an innovative learning journey on which leaders, safety-professionals and employees embark together – regardless of rank and file. The basic idea to make this effort a success is that the principles travel, whereas solutions are found locally.

In this regard, “Pathways to Safety” programs are not just other programs; they are much more catalysts, which encourage our leaders to foster a mindful working environment for their teams.

Running Up
Becoming   lean
and agile

For most of us, lean and agile have become buzzwords and sometimes it seems that they have become terms that are used as a solution for everything.


But what does lean and agile actually mean and where does it come from? What are lean and agile values, principles and common methods? Do you have an understanding of when to use lean and agile approaches – and when not?

Future proofing your organization
Future proofing 
your organization

The program is a customized KPI driven transformation journey for your business. It includes a diagnostic, co-creation and implementation phase. The holistic approach covers key organizational capabilities and practices to drive performance in the field of leadership, strategy, operations, innovation etc. Together with you, we assess the current organizational capabilities and analyze root-causes to derive specific fields of action. We co-design your individual transformation journey and enable internal multipliers to build up the required capabilities sustainably “on-the-job” in your organization.

Strong operational excellence culture
Strong operational excellence culture

Increasing performance with a focus on operational excellence is the main target of this program.

It consists of trainings, workshops, transfer on-site, coaching and train-the-trainer modules. By working on real projects, the program already creates immediate measurable business impact during the learning phase.

To create maximum impact in becoming a “lean organization” all levels of leaders are addressed.

... and that is only a short abstract of our offerings! If you want more information or you need other solutions just let us know.