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Futureproofing the organization

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"Futureproofing the Organization" (FTO) is a holistic approach to support B2B businesses in the industrial arena in building the organizational capabilities required to be successful now and in the future. It enables a business to go through all the steps necessary for sustainable change: self-reflection, exploration, target development, action planning, piloting, change orchestration, and employee upskilling. It is a “learning by doing” approach, putting real business challenges in the center and solving these with new organizational capabilities. It is the customized KPI driven transformation journey for your business.


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The base is a content model that describes the critical organizational capabilities that companies in the industrial environment typically need. We have compiled these capabilities from research, from our work with various existing capability frameworks, and from our 15-year experience of working with and in thyssenkrupp businesses. The model is adaptive and continuously updated based on emerging trends and new concepts with relevance to our target group. At the core, it is about purposeful and empowering leadership, adaptive strategy and business model development, an agile culture of initiative and accountability, about putting the customer in the center of the business, being operationally excellent and driving continuous innovation.

To assess the state of a business regarding its organizational capabilities: Based on a survey and interviews with leaders and employees, we can establish the current capability level of an organization and derive strengths, weaknesses, and focus action areas. Many businesses use this as the starting point for their transformation journey.

This is the bulk of the instrument – a massive collection of leadership and management practices, collective ways of working, processes, tools, etc. The toolbox is vast and continuously growing. What is key is to find the right methods to match the challenge focus and the specifics of the individual business and to roll them out in a consistent and customized manner.

The way the transformation process is orchestrated and measured is key to success and determines if the organizational capabilities will be adopted by the organization or not. We see ourselves as experts for the FTO approach overall, as FTO generalists, as facilitators of the process. In addition, every Academy team member has deep expertise in one of the capability areas. We also work with external experts in the course of the process when we need to extend our expertise or capacities.

If you want to scale capabilities throughout an organization, individual capability building becomes essential. We provide learning curricula addressing the FTO capabilities, the tools, processes, and ways of working for all employees involved.

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