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Managers are expected to actively help shaping the change and thus also promote hybrid work models, adjust to and get involved in the new world of work. Hybrid work requires a new, adapted management culture and challenges managers in a new way. The diverse offers of the thyssenkrupp Academy strengthen and support managers and employees on their way into the new world of work. She equips them with tools and methods and strengthens the network among themselves so that they can exchange ideas about current challenges.





This format is aimed at all executives who receive impulses for “Leading and working in a hybrid world” and want to reflect on their personal and organizational requirements for this. You will receive impulses for structuring the organization towards a stable "New Normal" in a hybrid working environment. Approaches to the necessary leadership attitude as well as practical methods and approaches for coping with uncertainty during this time are conveyed. The impulses should serve as the basis for developing their own “road map” for their teams and their business. If you are interested in participating, please contact us directly or click on the link to inform us of your interest using the "Request alternative date" function. We will then contact you as soon as the dates for booking are published.


The exChange camps are an open learning format in the form of open workshops. This format is aimed at all executives who want to exchange ideas on the subject of “Leading and working in a hybrid world”. The participants present their topics and lessons learned or a specific topic on hybrid leadership and work. All participants decide which current topics are selected and discussed in breakout groups. Topic speakers lead and moderate the exchange in small groups. All participants choose a session and become an active exchange partner.



The virtual impulse session helps managers stay effective, connect with their teams and lead them remotely. In this session, various practical and easily implementable tools and methods in the four areas: trust & commitment, team spirit, communication and structures are dealt with.


The content is developed according to the core issues that emerge in the group of companies.




Learn how to professionally moderate virtual meetings in MS Teams. You will gain confidence in dealing with MS Teams and improve your moderation skills. You will learn to use MS Teams functions like webcam and breakout rooms effectively in new ways. We provide you with concrete ideas on how you can increase the participants' attention by using various interactive elements. You will also receive tips and tricks on how to structure and organize your MS Teams meetings efficiently.


In this two-hour virtual impulse session you will experience the modern possibilities of virtual collaboration. Using concrete business-related examples, the necessary prerequisites for successful virtual collaboration are discussed and demonstrated. Answers are given to the questions which mindset, which skills and which tools are required for increasingly virtual collaboration in organizations.


In this two-hour virtual impulse session, you will explore and practice the peculiarities of empathic appearance and behavior as well as appreciative and recipient-oriented communication in the "virtual space". In small working groups you will discuss challenging virtual conversation situations with your colleagues, employees and customers and receive feedback on how you can make it motivating, trust-building and personal.

Virtuelles Teammeeting




This innovative, multi-modular program is based on the latest findings from neuroscience and resilience. It should transform your behavior effectively and sustainably towards sustainable high performance. You will understand how the brain and the body work and how they interact, and you will learn what it takes to achieve and maintain top performance in everyday work.



This virtual impulse session offers managers support in the application of pragmatic strategies for coping with stress and for achieving a sustainably high "energy level". This session contains in-depth insights into the latest findings from (neuro) science (e.g. deep sleep compression) and provides pragmatic tips and skills to lead a healthier and more balanced (work) life.


In weekly 60-minute live online sessions, you will discover how mindfulness can support you in your (work) life through exchanges with other participants and through personal experiences. In order to integrate helpful routines into your everyday life and to be able to guarantee a sustainable transfer beyond the virtual program, your learning journey is accompanied by a tailor-made app. This app covers all the content from the live online sessions and also offers numerous other exercises. You will benefit optimally from this program if you also plan five to ten minutes for exercises every day. This will help you incorporate a mindfulness-based routine into your life.


This E-Learning supports managers in reacting flexibly to different situations and different types of employees and presents three different options for action. Furthermore, there is an insight into the fundamentals of motivating different employees with the application of the so-called SCARF model.

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