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Working in a hybrid world.

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Hybrid working – The interplay of people, some working in physical teams with others working virtually at the same time.

The programs in this learning landscape provide you with the best possible support for the challenges of changing cooperation.


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Remote Leadership

Learn how to work effectively "remotely" as a manager and how to lead your team virtually.

Creating Team Spirit in a Hybrid World

The focus of this new interactive program is on getting to know and applying practical tips, tools and methods for a successful team culture in a hybrid space.

Mastering Critical Conversations in Hybrid Environments

Virtual and hybrid business situations are the new everyday business. Hence the way executives work in the hybrid space  and need  to lead critical conversations is a key success factor for good leadership. This program supports you in this and gives you specific information  and starting points for a successful and goal-oriented handling of critical conversations in virtual and hybrid space.



Virtuelles Teammeeting

Fostering Virtual Collaboration


In this two-hour virtual impulse session you will experience the modern possibilities of virtual collaboration. Using concrete business-related examples, the necessary prerequisites for successful virtual collaboration are discussed and demonstrated. Answers are given to the questions which mindset, which skills and which tools are required for increasingly virtual collaboration in organizations.

 #1 MS Teams

– make virtual meeting moderation effective

Get to know MS Teams better, make virtual meetings more successful and improve your moderation skills.

#2 MS Teams

 – make virtual meeting collaboration effective


As an advanced MS Teams user, you will learn methods, tools and techniques to successfully design virtual collaboration in MS Teams.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to IT-technical issues we currently can only offer this training to colleagues of the following entities: all Corporate entities, Uhde, nucera, Polysius, Mining 

Conducting effective & efficient "Hybrid Meetings!

In this interactive impulse session you will learn how to conduct effective & efficient hybrid meetings.


Virtual Session

On-site Learning

Blended Learning
incl. on-site  Learning 

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