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Becoming lean and agile

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For most of us, lean and agile have become buzzwords and sometimes it seems that they have become terms that are used as a solution for everything. But what does lean and agile actually mean and where do the terms come from? What are lean and agile values, principles and common methods? Do you have an understanding of when to use lean and agile approaches – and when not?

Not sure how to start the journey? Please contact us and we can find out together how a customized approach can look like for your team or organizational unit. 


Becoming  lean and agile

Getting started
  • Introducing Agility
    You want to get an overview on agility? Meet your virtual thyssenkrupp colleagues Kelly and Tom in this e-learning to get to know about the meaning of agility, learn agility values as well as principles and put them into the context of project management and the three common agile methods. 
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  • Introducing SCRUM
    Let’s SCRUM! Meet your virtual thyssenkrupp colleagues Paula, Stefanie and Steve and see them working on a project using SCRUM as methodology. After completing this e-learning, you will have a basic understanding of the SCRUM framework and have gained first experiences on how to appply SCRUM.
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  • Let’s be agile
    A program for all employees who would like to expand their agile spectrum with SCRUM and Design Thinking methods in order to lead internal as well as external projects to success with the principles of agility.
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  • Lean Administration I: Increase value (virtual)
    In this online training you are made aware of added value and waste in your working environment and get to know methods to improve your daily working tasks and to relieve from unnecessary activities. You are able to carry out point Kaizen projects – e.g. 6S – and will have an overview on the Lean Management principles.
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Auf die Plätze
  • Leading beyond Authority
    In an agile world, everyone is a leader. This program is designed for all employees who drive topics and projects as part of their daily work and therefore have to convince and motivate others even without formal authority.
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  • Optimizing Leadership Impact (OLI)
    Designed for experienced leaders to explore and reflect how to improve their business impact in the context of growing business challenges. This highly intense learning journey pulls participants out of their comfort zone in order to drive business in an innovative way, enhance performance and future-proof their area of responsibility.
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  • Lean Administration for leaders  (in German only)
    Virtual Impulse Session: With lean processes, companies can act faster, more flexibly and more efficiently. Using concrete practical examples, we explain how lean management can be successfully established in the administrative area and how it contributes to the performance of the company. The joint dialogue gives managers impulses for their role and responsibility in order to successfully implement lean administration.
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  • Agile for Leaders 
    This platform is developed especially for leaders and gives you an overview on agile leadership: What is agile and why would your business need it? Agile leadership – do I need to change...AGAIN? Your first agile move – unlock your team! Agile at tk? Sure thing! Best practice examples.
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Deep Dives

  • Lean Administration II: Efficient processes with value stream mapping (virtual)
    In this online training you are made familiar with the method of value stream mapping and are able to record simple processes yourself. You identify waste systematically and know the criteria for excellent processes and know how to develop and to implement the optimized process.
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  • SCRUM Master  training via maxpert
    Currently we do not offer any open SCRUM courses at the tk Academy. But through our cooperation partner maxpert you can book a course and receive a discount. Simply indicate that we have referred you. 

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  • Design Thinking – Genuine Agility through Customer-Centric Innovation and Creativity Processes
    A program for all employees who are interested in Design Thinking as a project, innovation, portfolio or development method and who would like to experience the process in an interactive and experimental way.
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