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Operational Excellence

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The program to strengthen company performance with a focus on operational excellence / lean in production and administrative areas.

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Operational Excellence in Production

Do you want the change to the better, the real Kaizen? Operational Excellence / Lean fails if the managers are not able to acting in terms of Lean and as role models for their employees. The entire management must be enthusiastic about lean, coach and develop their respective direct employees in the lean context. We enable executives to implement lean sustainable through their management locally. This includes the derivation of goals down to the operational level and a corresponding shop floor management. We also impart coaching approaches and the basics for dealing with employees in change processes.

Operational excellence in production

In the long run, Lean only runs if managers take responsibility for the improvement of work and employees learn to apply the methods and mindsets by themselves. For this purpose, we offer an extensive portfolio of special topics that are implemented in practical formats directly on the shoopfloor:

  • Learn to see waste and systematically eliminate it with Lean & 6S

  • Implement competitive processes with Value Stream Mapping & Design

  • The successful method for fast and flexible set-up: Single Minute Exchange of Dies

  • Increase added value through efficient maintenance

Lean Management

The potential that Lean can leverage in offices and administration is far from being exhausted. Employees still consider almost a third of their working time to be wasted. With the digitalization of administration under Industry 4.0 some of the potential can certainly be raised, but only if the existing processes are analyzed and waste-free in a first step.


The aim is to create values ​​without waste. Achieving this goal, inspiring employees and making the company successful is the job of the manager.

Lean Management Operational excellence

Among other things, we support management teams in developing a shared vision, a shared set of values as well principles of management, production or organizational. By explaining the success factors for a sustainable Lean introduction using practical examples, the managers gain a common understanding of their role and task in the change process. As the next step, we work with the management team to develop an agenda of the measures required to successfully cope with the change to a self-learning organization. Finally, the goals are formulated and quantified.

Following that, the multipliers and employees get empowered. You will learn the basics of Lean Administration and be made aware of value creation and waste. They will be able to carry out improvement projects in their work environment or to actively participate in cross-interface improvement projects.

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