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resilient. mindful. sustainable.

Living and working healthy

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The program landscape “Pathways to a healthy workforce” bridges the gap between entrepreneurial performance and the fundamental prerequisites for this – the health and satisfaction of employees and managers.

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Sustaining Peak Performance




This innovative, multi-modular program is based on the latest Findings from neuroscience and resilience. It shall be yours conduct effectively and in the long term in the direction of sustainable high performance transform.
You will learn how it works and how it interacts of the brain and body and learn what it takes to achieve and maintain high performance in everyday work.

Understanding and creating personal resilience increasing individual performance 


Learn which personal influencers and personal prerequisites exisists for your own performance and how you increase them sustainably or even in really challenging situations can be sustained.

Leading for Health and    Wellbeing


You will get to know a variety of methods with which you can take steps towards better health, greater satisfaction and productivity for yourself and for your employees.



Stress Management

Calm and confident even in challenging times



Improve your handling of stress and develop your own stress competence.

Successful Self-Organization and Effective Time Management





Learn effective methods for planning your own working hours, your personal working style and your own work organization.

The good way to deal with yourself

Selfconfident. Valueoriented. Resilient.



Develop your own personality noticeably and gain inner strength and lightness.



Virtual Session

On-site Learning

Blended Learning.
incl. on-site  learning 

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