Controlling chaos: Mastering complexity and staying focused at work

Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who would like to effectively improve their concentration and productivity with the right techniques in order to better deal with interruptions and distractions of today’s workplace.


What you learn

Continuously interrupted! Always available through smartphones and networked computers, we experience how our attention is divided into slices. We are constantly sending and receiving email messages like human network routers, interspersed with frequent interruptions for brief distractions. On the other hand, if you work in a concentrated manner, you can use your time more optimally. This program offers you practical strategies to help you focus 100% of your attention on the most important task. You will learn how to sustainably increase your attention span and the speed of cognitive information processing. News from intelligence and brain research help to fully utilize valuable potential in order to produce high-quality results. Instead of just being busy, you are productive and achieve your goals with satisfaction.


How you learn

Learning to concentrate means training to concentrate. Already in the program you will actively use exercises that increase your physical and mental performance. Because „disruptions“ are pure poison for your productivity, we analyze „old“ habits together, discover optimization potential and develop concrete implementation strategies so that you can better set yourself apart. Instead of multitasking, focus your attention on the most important task. Tried and tested tips for prioritizing your daily ToDo‘s enable you to navigate your day-to-day work effectively and at the same time more relaxed.


Your benefits

In future, you will

• face chaos factors and concentration killers more calmly

• increase your concentration and focus your attention

• train your brain and your memory performance

• learn new capabilities more efficiently and joyfully

• know effective stress management techniques

• apply exercises for more energy, concentration, relaxation and regeneration


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Controlling chaos: Mastering complexity and staying focused at work

  • Duration

    2 days

  • Date & Location

    June  20-21, 2022 - Mintrops Land Hotel Burgaltendorf, Essen, Germany


    December 05-06, 2022 - Mintrops Land Hotel Burgaltendorf, Essen, Germany

  • Investment

    1,100 € (plus travel and accommodation)

  • Participants

    12 participants

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