Design Thinking – Genuine Agility through Customer-Centric Innovation and Creati

Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who are interested in Design Thinking as a project, innovation, portfolio or development method and who would like to experience the process in an interactive and experimental way.


What you learn

In a fast moving world, where circumstances and predictions are constantly changing, there is a need for methods, which help dealing with uncertainty and complexity. One of the most successful approaches is Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an innovation method, which puts the user back in the center of attention without losing sight of technical feasibility and economic profitability. The clear structure of the method allows the implementation of innovation processes in companies or organizations. This program offers you a structured introduction to the basics and background of the method. You will learn about the phases of the Design Thinking process and experience the benefits for agile projects as well as for innovation and creativity processes. You will acquire the necessary methods and tools to integrate Design Thinking into your area of responsibility within thyssenkrupp and to apply it to various challenges and situations.


How you learn

In this program, you will experience the Design Thinking method in a practice-oriented and interactive way by being guided through the six-step process yourself. From understanding the problem to creating a first prototype, you will go through all phases of the process while working on a concrete project. You will realize that you can benefit in many ways from this agile method – whether in internal or external, large or small projects, initiatives and measures. At the same time, you will develop an understanding of which inner attitude and which organizational framework conditions need to be created in order to successfully implement Design Thinking in your area of responsibility.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • understand and apply Design Thinking
  • set up and steer the Design Thinking process
  • have internalized the inner attitude behind Design Thinking
  • integrate Design Thinking actively in your daily work and in your projects


Design Thinking – Genuine Agility through Customer-Centric Innovation and Creati

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  • Duration

    2 days 

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  • Investment

    1,100 € (plus travel and accommodation costs)

  • Participants

    12 participants