Digital Literacy Booster


Who should attend

Everyone at thyssenkrupp who wants to better understand the implications of the digital world and wants to learn the "must knowns" with regards to new business & service models, exponential technologies and empowered customers.


What you learn

The program encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of topic areas. The goal is to develop or brush-up and professionalize digital vocabulary and digital basics in topic areas ranging from leadership to innovation, technologies and new business models to strategy implementation.


How you learn

The program comprises a curated collection of inspiring content to better understand the implications of our digital (business) world. You will find links to online articles, interactive galleries, videos, podcasts or white papers. Providing a good mix of formats you can now pick content from the 3 categories “Read/Watch/Interact” according to what you feel like or (even more important) what you need. This can be a simple as an overview of this year’s breakthrough technologies or a free online course on digital marketing.


Your benefits

  • Better understand drivers of change and the paradigms of a connected business environment
  • Lay the foundations & start thought process of opportunities and threats for customers and own business
  • Own a repository of various contents that convey basic knowledge around digital with specific relevance for thyssenkrupp


How to register

Click here to register in we.learn - the thyssenkrupp learning platform



Digital Literacy Booster

  • Duration

    No time tag attached / self-paced

  • Investment

    Free of charge

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    thyssenkrupp Academy