Enforcement meets diplomacy – Conducting conversations in difficult situations

Program Language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who want to increase their confidence and enhance their persuasive power.


What you learn

You will be able to use the most important argumentation techniques confidently and to convince your interlocutor of your concerns even in the face of resistance. You know the decisive factors of personal assertiveness. This will enable you to steer conversations confidently and to assert your own point of view. You know the meaning of status games and can vary your behavior according to the situation. You have a tool at hand with which you can view and influence every day and professional interactions from a completely new perspective. You know how to defuse tense, difficult situations, speak plainly and embody positive authority in a credible way.


How you learn

If you want to be permanently convincing at work, you must first be convinced of yourself. You will analyze which obstructive beliefs have so far prevented you from asserting yourself and learn strategies for eliminating the inner saboteurs. You will have the opportunity to review and optimize your argumentation behavior. 

You will train the most important argumentation techniques in a practical way and refine your rhetorical skills in dealing with argumentation situations. 

In many practical exercises, you will learn how to position yourself clearly and assertively, persuade argumentatively and react confidently to unfair attacks.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • communicate confidently verbally and non-verbally
  • radiate more confidence in uncertain situations
  • tame your inner critic
  • argue convincingly (even when attacked)
  • lead and resolve discussions successfully
  • assert your own interests without fighting
  • get others "on board“
  • react appropriately more quickly
  • adapt your behavior specifically to the requirements of the situation at hand
  • reach people instead of proving content
  • react quick-witted in difficult situations
  • position yourself clearly and unambiguously without putting a lasting strain on relationships and cooperation

Enforcement meets diplomacy – Conducting conversations in difficult situations

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  • Duration

    2 days

  • Date & location

    June 28-29, 2022 - Mintrops Land Hotel, Essen, Germany

  • Investment

    1,100 € (plus travel and accommodation)

  • Participants

    12 participants