Experiencing Digital Manufacturing - Smart Factory

Program Language
This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend
Top & Senior Managers (A/L1-L3) as well as experts from production and manufacturing who want to deepen their knowledge in digitalization in manufacturing.


What you learn
In a comprehensive one day program you will experience the potential of a “digitalization in manufacturing” by applying new factory technologies live in action in our smart factory in Bochum. You will discuss and establish a common understanding of the topic of digitalization in production and manufacturing as well as how to utilize its potential. An interactive mix of real smart factory experience, digital production exercises and various expert inputs will help you to drive the topic and shape your role in your organization.


How you learn
The program consists of a one day module (~eight hours) in the smart factory in Bochum. Here you will learn the basics and new insights of digitalization in manufacturing and you will directly apply this learnings in the smart factory.


Your benefits

  • You will form a common understanding of and create arousing enthusiasm for the topic of digitalization in production.
  • You will experience various digital factory technologies live in action and trendscouting for Smart Factory Technologies.
  • Together, we will demystify Industry 4.0/digitalization, recognize innovation and growth opportunities and potential of the smart factory.
  • After the program you will know your own role in the digital transformation and you will be able to embed the topic in your overarching “Innovation and Growth” agenda. 




Experiencing Digital Manufacturing - Smart Factory