Forming Leadership Mindset


Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All managers who already have leadership experience and want to develop further in their existing role or prepare for a higher level leadership position.


What you learn

The program offers you a platform for intensive self-reflection with regard to challenges that determine the typical daily routine as a manager at thyssenkrupp. Together with other participants you will learn how to create a performance-enhancing work environment for your team. You will reflect on your personal leadership values, your approach and your style in conflict situations and you will certainly gain some additional insights regarding the best mindset to deal with conflicts even more successfully. More than ever before, being a leader at thyssenkrupp additionally means leading in times of constant change. Therefore, on the one hand, in this program we take a look at how change from the outside is implemented in a team. On the other hand, we will discuss how to implement ideas and suggestions in your area of responsibility on your own initiative as the responsible manager.


How you learn

After an intensive self-directed preparation phase, you will discover together with the other participants in the practical workshop how to form high-performance teams and shape a value-based performance culture. Many practical exercises, valuable inputs, self-reflection as well as exchange of experiences and discussion within the group ensure a practical and sustainable learning experience


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • consciously perform the leadership role
  • reflect on your individual leadership mindset within thyssenkrupp's values frame
  • promote and develop performance and the willingness to perform
  • interpret and deal with conflicts in your team
  • know and expand your own conflict management skills
  • lead your team target-oriented through change processes
  • be focused and present by the means of mindfulness



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Forming Leadership Mindset