PM Advanced - Steering projects to success in a targeted manner

Who should attend

Project managers who have already attended our program Project Management Fundamentals or who acquired a corresponding basic project management knowledge.


What you learn

In this program, you will receive in-depth qualification for the goal-oriented control of projects. Depending on the complexity of your internal or external project you will learn to scale those accordingly. Keep the focus and control the scope and quality, as well as the deadlines and costs professionally with the involvement of the project team. 


How you learn

Through this practice-oriented program, you will be accompanied by a case study that you will work on over the course of the days. This makes the imparted knowledge tangible and the direct own transfer of the methods and processes to the case study consolidates and deepens the learned content. The program format also offers sufficient space for an intensive exchange of experiences with the other participants, for conducting a project status presentation, for buddy coaching and peer to peer reviews.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • know the basics and requirements for professional project management
  • keep a professional eye on the project scope and its changes and recognize quality deviations at an early stage
  • establish integrated project controlling (quality, performance, deadlines, costs, resources, risks) and be able to define appropriate control parameters
  • recognize deadline risks and conflicts and be able to control possible countermeasures
  • be able to prepare the status of the project and present it to the steering committee.
  • monitor the team culture and initiate measures to motivate the team.
  • make changes in the project organization


PM Advanced - Steering projects to success in a targeted manner