Presence at all levels – Purposeful use of body language and voice

Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who want to discover and further develop their body language and voice and thus find a confident expression.


What you learn

You will learn how to use your body and voice to manage yourself, situations and the contact with others in an appreciative way. You will appear calm and powerful, even in emotionally tricky situations.


How you learn

In this program, we first deal with what actors absolutely need for the stage in order to do their work. We will explore together how you can express your strength in a friendly way. We examine how you can deal with status and space, which laws the stage brings along and how we deal with them elegantly.


Next to the body, the voice is an essential tool to find a balanced presence. With the "vocal mixer" we complete the work on body expression and see what else your instrument can do.


Together we reach into the bag of tricks of the professional speakers and experience what gives news anchors their liability, what gives audio book anchors their liveliness and what gives dubbing actors their authenticity. In many practical exercises, you expand your personal expression and playfully awake much potential to strengthen body and voice.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • enhance your physical presence
  • use gestures and facial expressions in a targeted manner
  • control your breathing and appear calm and relaxed
  • adjust the way you speak to your speaking intent
  • express your own personality stronger than before


As well interesting for you?

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Presence at all levels – Purposeful use of body language and voice