Project Stakeholder Management in tkIS Projects (virtual) - tkIS only

Program Language

This program will be conducted in English.


Who should attend

Exclusively for tkIS: all Project Team Members and Project Managers


What you learn

Project stakeholders play a crucial role in projects from the plant business. External as well as internal stakeholders can have a major positive as well as negative impact on the overall success of a project.

This live online training prepares you to effectively understand and manage stakeholders and create a positive environment for the execution of the project.  The process of stakeholder management will be covered in detail accompanied with examples from the plant business. You will work on predefined examples from the plant business and on your existing project.


How you learn



  • Participants guide for pre-reading


Live Online Training Session Day 1 (3.0 hours):

  • General definition of stakeholder management
  • Process and methods of stakeholder management
  • Identify stakeholders for your own project and asses the relationship


Live Online Training Session Day 2 (3.0 hours):

  • Learn how to work with the power interest diagram
  • Find possible measures for improving the stakeholder situation in your own project


Your benefits

  • Understand the basic of project stakeholder management
  • Learn to identify, understand the relationship, and plan necessary measures to change stakeholder attitude towards your project
  • Get to know successful examples for stakeholder management
  • Reflect your own knowledge on stakeholder management and discuss the stakeholder situation in your own project
  • Receive coaching from trainer and colleagues


How to register

Please click "register in we.learn" and mark your interest via clicking the "request a class" button.

Project Stakeholder Management in tkIS Projects (virtual) - tkIS only

  • Duration

    2 days á 3 hours

  • Date & location

    If you are interested in this program, please contact us or mark your interest in we.learn.

  • Investment

    380,00 €

  • Participants

    10 participants

  • Your contact

    Nicola Sondermann