Putting Strategy into Action (for Teams & Organizations)


Program Language

This program will be conducted in English.


Who should attend

Executive and Senior Managers (L2/L3) who want to learn what a business strategy is, how it can be communicated and how it can be executed well. 


What you learn

In this programm you will learn how to make a strategy explicit and clarify “where you want to go and how you want to get there”, as well as to articulate the strategy to your employees and other key stakeholders.


How you learn

Designed in a very interactive way the program will focus on good strategy making and good strategy execution and then to apply these insights to your own context in a concrete manner.


Your benefits

  • Develop your strategy, its execution process and translate strategy into the day-to-day business agenda and into operational accountabilitiess
  • Align your organization/area of responsibility with the strategy to be executed


How to register

*Please click "register in we.learn" and mark your interest via clickling the "request a class" button.

Putting Strategy into Action (for Teams & Organizations)

  • Duration

    2 days

  • Date & location

    If you are interested in this program, please contact us or mark your interest in we.learn*.

  • Investment

    2,500 € (plus travel and accommodation)

  • Participants

    18 participants

  • Your contact

    Burcin Ugurlu