Six Sigma/Lean Training: Agile4Belts

Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

The program is designed for all employees holding a Lean / Six Sigma Certification (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt).


What you learn

• Introduction to agility – what it is and why it is relevant

• Recap DMAIC cycle

• Implementation of agile principles in the DMAIC cycle

• General Express simulation – Let’s get agile

• How to integrate agile in the individual phases – ideas and tools

• How agile elements can be used across phases

• Helpful (digital) tools

• Final quiz


How you learn

In this virtual 3-day-program you will have the chance to work in a small group of like-minded participants with similar background and to exchange with experienced Six Sigma and agile consultants. You will learn about agile practices and tools, make the transfer to the DMAIC cycle and will apply what you have learned using the General Express simulation.


Your benefits

  • The program prepares you to have a say when agile project approaches are discussed.
  • You can draw synergies from the use of Agile and Lean / Six Sigma and take advantage of them.
  • You will be ready to acquire and apply knowledge through a mixture of theory and practice and to engage in adding agile principles to the Lean / Six Sigma toolset.
  • The program will offer you a practical addition of agile elements to your existing knowledge and assists you in the agreement of Lean / Six Sigma and Agile within your projects.
  • You will receive concrete ideas on how agile thinking and the DMAIC approach can form a beneficial whole and you will get to know tools that combine the benefits of Agile and Lean / Six Sigma.
  • Another benefit of the program is the extensive exchange with experienced Six Sigma and agile consultants as well as learning from and with like-minded participants.

Six Sigma/Lean Training: Agile4Belts