Sustaining Peak Performance


Program Language

This program will be conducted in English.


Who should attend

Top Executives, Executives & Senior Managers (A/L1/ L2/ L3) who want to learn how to reach and sustain peak performance also during challenging times.


What you learn

Peak performance does not happen by accident. Instead we can actively shape / engineer the conditions for it – based on latest neuro-scientific findings. So applying those strategies for recovery, resilience, energy, inner clarity and strengths enable  peak performance not only short but also long-term. This innovative program is based on the latest insights from neuroscience, resilience and high performance. You will understand how the brain works and will learn what it takes to reach and sustain peak performance in day-to-day working life.


How you learn

The multi-modular program is meant to effectively and sustainably transform your behavior towards sustainable peak performance. It therefore


A) stretches over a period of several months with 3 modules and regular check-ins.
B) uses a blended learning approach with in person training (modules 1 and 3), virtual trainings (module 2 and check-ins) and an app for individual daily short training.
C) focusses on the direct experience of the effect of everything you learn during the trainings, e.g. sport activities, healthy nutrition, mindfulness.
D) includes the latest findings on sustainable habit change.


Please note that the program consists of four consecutive modules:
Kick-off (virtual)
Module 1 (face-to-face)
Module 2 (virtual)
Module 3 (face-to-face) + several impulses in between.
The complete participation fee will be charged after kick-off.


Your benefits

• Reach your peak performance level

• Create and sustain an energy level for long-term peak performance

• Establish and maintain momentum for a sustainable habit changes

• Organize your working life in a more brain-friendly way

• Lead a more healthy and balanced life

• Taking individual preferences and needs into account

Sustaining Peak Performance

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  • Duration

    3 modules plus Kick-Off, about 40 hours in total

  • Date & location


  • Investment

    4,900 € (plus travel and accommodation)

  • Participants

    16 Participants