The good way to deal with yourself – Self-confident. Value-oriented. Resilient.


Program Language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend?

All employees who want to noticeably develop their own personality and gain inner strength and lightness.


What you learn?

Inner strength and a good way of dealing with yourself are the basis for a self-confident appearance as well as for a good cooperation with colleagues, superiors, employees and customers. Dealing well with yourself - what sounds so simple is sometimes a fine art. This is not least due to the fact that the many challenges in everyday life often leave little time to reflect on oneself, on one's own life. As a consequence, we constantly lose the inner contact to ourselves.


Therefore, take some time for yourself in this seminar.

Experience the many possibilities for more power and serenity in life.

Develop clarity about your own personality, recognize constricting thought patterns and learn to let them go. Learn the central pillars of self-awareness, do your personal values check, question your own values and recognize new possibilities for action.


How you learn?

This program gives you numerous impulses for strong, authentic action and a good way of dealing with yourself. The following questions are addressed: How self-confident and satisfied am I? How resilient do I consider myself to be? How appreciative am I of myself?  What values do I have? Is my inner compass still pointing in the right direction?


You will test your own resilience and discover your treasure of personal resources and strengths. You will learn the central key factors for more resilience. You recharge your batteries and recharge your inner battery.


Your benefits

  • In the future you will become

  • act with more self-confidence and self-assurance
  • know what makes people strong and resilient
  • have more strength and clarity for your job and your private life
  • take better care of your own energy balance
  • use your personal values as an important compass
  • be able to set yourself apart by saying no in a firm and friendly way
  • achieve more self-care and self-worth 


The good way to deal with yourself – Self-confident. Value-oriented. Resilient.

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  • Duration

    2 days

  • Date & Location

    October 24-25, 2022 - Mintrops Land Hotel Burgaltendorf Essen, Germany

  • Investment

    1,100€ (plus travel and accomodation)

  • Participants

    12 participants

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