Virtual Resilience Journey – Mindfulness-based practices can change your life

Program Language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who are keen to explore a way of gaining more inner stability and resilience in order to keep the inner balance in times of uncertainty and stress.


What you learn

Research shows that in times of change and uncertainty, high workloads, and multitasking, mindfulness enables us to better cope with challenging and uncertain situations. You will learn research-based mindfulness approaches and discover how mindfulness can support you in dealing with stressful situations. You will integrate helpful personal mindfulness practices into your daily life and gain stability, resilience and resistance through a better connection to your inner space.


How you learn

In weekly 60-minutes live online sessions, you will understand, experience and exchange on how mindfulness can support you in your (working-)life. In order to integrate helpful routines into your everyday life and to be able to ensure a sustainable transfer beyond the virtual program, your learning journey will be accompanied by a tailor-made app. This app covers all the content from the live online sessions and offers numerous additional exercises. You will benefit optimally from this program if you schedule an additional five to ten minutes a day for practice. This will help you integrate a mindfulness-based routine into your life.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • know, how and why to get in touch with your inner space
  • take responsibility for your mental resources
  • access challenging emotions as a resource
  • create and protect your inner space
  • reflect on what really to take forward


Note: The face-to-face program “WorkingMIND – Focus and self-guidance in a challenging working environment“ you will find here.


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Virtual Resilience Journey – Mindfulness-based practices can change your life

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  • Duration

    4 modules à 60 minutes

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  • Investment

    250 € (plus might upcoming dial-in costs)

  • Participants

    50 participants