WorkingMIND – Mindfulness and Self-Leadership: more Focus and Clarity

Program language

This program will be conducted in German.


Who should attend

All employees who would like to make their everyday work life less stressful through mindfulness-based methods and the anchoring of new habits, and who want to know how to strengthen or regain their inner balance in order to learn to better deal with challenges in their working lives.


What you learn

In the experience of many people, the ongoing acceleration and densification of work processes leads to inner restlessness and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Many people report an increasingly stressful workday. In order to cope with the flood of tasks, focused attention and inner clarity are required. However, the daily work routine is characterized by countless interruptions which are reflected in a restless attention.


You will review your current behavioral patterns in challenging situations and learn how mindfulness can become a part of your daily routines. You will feel the benefits for everyday life – feeling more balanced, focused and joyful.


How you learn

In this highly practical program, you will not only get input from our highly experienced trainers, but also experience first-hand in recurring sequences of mindfulness exercises and meditation sessions how body, mind and emotions are connected. Through mindfulness exercises, you will learn to cultivate calm and clarity despite the high workload, communication speed and frequent interruptions, and to regulate your own energy and vitality in order to maintain health and presence of mind.


Your benefits

In future, you will

  • use the neurophysiological insights gained for your everyday work
  • control your attention and be more focused
  • know what self-leadership means and how to apply it
  • cultivate emotional awareness and resonance
  • face the outside with a clear inner attitude
  • communicate more mindfully
  • use mindfulness-based methods and meditation


How to register

Click here to register in we.learn - the thyssenkrupp learning platform.


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WorkingMIND – Mindfulness and Self-Leadership: more Focus and Clarity

  • Duration

    2 days 

  • Date & location

    October 7-8, 2021, Trainingszentrum Haus Rheinberg, Lorch/Rhein, Germany

  • Investment

    1,100 € (plus travel and accommodation costs)

  • Participants

    12 participants