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Team Workshops

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Are you in need of a quick intervention for your team, such as a project kick-off, a leadership team retreat, a team workshop, ….? Together we can design something that will fit your situation.

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Do you want to conduct virtual networking events for specific communities or want to kick-off project workshops? You aim to understand each other better in your leadership team or work even better together?

We support you designing interactive, engaging and entertaining events in an confidential atmosphere face –to-face and  of course as well in virtual environments. Therefore we have a huge experience with different tools and techniques.


We see the success in developing solution together and in co-creation with our clients. Focusing on trustful collaboration, networking, lessons learned, fun and learning nuggets. Using plug’n’play” workshop concepts of the Academy means less effort and solutions at short notice. Having experienced moderator on board raises the interest and ambition of all participants. With a big variety of training and workshop tools we generate added value e.g. by initiating self reflection, deeper collaboration or support transformations. Even in difficult team situations we are used to create a common basis to collaborate together on a more trustful level.


The duration always depends on your needs and can reach from a few ours to various days. Always rich in variety, engaging and with sustainable success.


Check out these inspiring sample formats or programs
to get an idea of how a solution for you could look like:

Virtual Community Event

Do you want to conduct a virtual networking event for a specific community? It should be very interactive so that real networking takes place even if the event is virtual?

For an international community of about 80 project managers we conducted a virtual community event. In co-creation with community members we developed a 4-hour event on short notice. Main focus was on networking, lessons learned, fun and learning nuggets. An experienced moderator of the tk Academy led trough the event. We used MS Teams in combination with live survey and quizz tools. The feedback of the international community was very good. They see a big advantage to have such a virtual professional knowledge transfer and entertaining networking without any travel efforts every 6 months. The next event is already planned.

Project Kick-Off Workshop

Most projects are won or lost in the beginning. A good team start is key. Most “old” project kick-offs workshop focus on informing team members about project essentials. However, at least as important are human team aspects.


Since 2017 we conducted more than 30 face-to-face and virtual project workshops from 4 hours up to 4 days.
In co-creation with the project manager we designed a customized workshop. The workshop was based on the “plug’n’play” Academy workshop concept. An experienced moderator guided through the workshop. We included a session about intercultural awareness (Cultural Map method) by focusing on the cultures of tk locations of the project team. Based on this input, we developed communication guidelines and a meeting etiquette. Besides this, the project team developed essential output such as SWOT, project risks and working principles. A table kicker team event in the evening was the networking highlight of the workshop.

Leadership Team Development

Would you like to understand each other better in your leadership team, get to know each other better or work together even better?

We designed and conducted a 1.5 days Team Development Workshop with a Leadership Team consisting of 6 Leaders. Main focus was to create common basis to collaborate on a more trustful level and to aligned them regarding understanding of goals and perceiving their role and responsibilities. An experienced moderator of the tk Academy led trough the evening event and the full day workshop (Language: English). The feedback of the Leadership Team was very good. They see a great value in aligning as Team which was highly supported by this Leadership Team Development Workshop.

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