About us

We are the thyssenkrupp Academy – in simple terms: the learning and transformation unit within thyssenkrupp for all employees.

Our goal is to make you even more successful. This has been driving us every day for over the last 15 years.

Our offerings address all employees at thyssenkrupp. We have a tailor-made curriculum for all employees, a curriculum aimed at people who are taking on their first management and leadership tasks and a leadership curriculum that is aimed at all leaders and the top executives.

With our programs, we aim to create sustainable business success and to be at your side when facing upcoming challenges.
Our formula of success: Learner-oriented. Emotional. Active. Relevant. Sustainable.
Our programs are close to your business, your customers and always on the pulse of time. We do not simply scratch on the surface, we dive deep into the complex mechanisms of behavioral- and organizational change.

With whom we are doing this? With a highly motivated and experienced team of learning & transformation professionals having the ambition to find the best solutions for your personal development and the performance of your organization.

Julia Arnold
Learning Delivery

Better an "Oops" than a "What if".

Commercial Management

There is no impossible possible if you have the right people working together.

Hatice Dogansoy
Office Management and Administration

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success!" Henry Ford

Olivia Eberwein
Client and Business Management

My passion is to support people in their personal development.

Torsten Fröhlke
Programs & Solutions

Life is not a clear path. It is winding and gives room to explore, learn and grow! This is what drives me and what I always seek to be the core of our customer solutions.

Customer and Business Coordination

"Education not only opens up new opportunities for us, it is also an investment in the future." Ed Markey

Philipp König

My goal is to make processes and structures as simple as possible in order to create added value for everyone involved.

Marian Löhr
Digital Learning Services

I prefer to entertain people with fun in the hope that they will learn, rather than trying to teach them in the hope that they will enjoy it.

Michael Manß
Project Management Programs

"Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth". Tom Barrett

David Maus
Leadership Programs

"You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves."​Abraham Lincoln

Daniela Müller
Program Management

I am fascinated by the idea of lifelong learning and development - in professional and private life.​

Yvonne Munoz
Marketing and Communication

I trust that good communication is our path to success.

André Pohlkamp
New Business Development
Sebastian Scheibner
Customer Solutions

Organizations don't change. people do it.

Janin Schwartau
Head of thyssenkrupp Academy

My passion is exploring new ideas, breaking new ground and driving things forward - for our customers, our team and for me personally.

Nicola Sondermann
Program Management

What drives me is creating valuable learning experiences, bringing people together and then seeing change happen.​

Burcin Ugurlu
Leadership Programs

I am passionate about empowering our employees and our customers to achieve their personal best.

Tanja van Hulst
Program Management

My passion is to help shape exciting programs and new learning formats to inspire people with fun learning!

Annika Vielsäcker
Project Management

I have a passion for perfect organization and high quality standards.