Negotiation Management

Negotiation Skills Advanced

Negotiations are not always easy and smooth, let alone conflict-free. A successful negotiator is not only expected to have the right strategy and arguments at hand, but also to be competent in negotiation psychology, to have an instinct for complex interrelationships and a confident, convincing performance. In this program you will acquire extensive knowledge and tools for the correct handling of the most diverse difficult negotiation situations and behavioral patterns of negotiation partners. At the same time you sharpen the perception of your own typical behavioral patterns in a negotiation, recognize the added value of team negotiations (but also their risks), and know how to apply specific tools and tactics in a negotiation. A further topic is negotiation at a distance, which has gained importance especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic: How can I build up empathy with my negotiation partner despite distance, how do I deal with stress caused by the new digital medias and what are the Do's & Don’ts of digital negotiations?

Enforcement meets diplomacy – Conducting conversations in difficult situations

You will be able to use the most important argumentation techniques confidently and to convince your interlocutor of your concerns even in the face of resistance. You know the decisive factors of personal assertiveness. This will enable you to steer conversations confidently and to assert your own point of view. You know the meaning of status games and can vary your behavior according to the situation. You have a tool at hand with which you can view and influence every day and professional interactions from a completely new perspective. You know how to defuse tense, difficult situations, speak plainly and embody positive authority in a credible way.

Negotiation Skills Basics

Every day, we conduct countless negotiations, consciously or unconsciously, both in private and in business, in order to achieve concrete goals. Negotiating is therefore one of the most urgent management skills of today's business and the key to business success. During this program, you will acquire basic negotiation skills that will enable you to professionally prepare and effectively conduct negotiations in your daily business. You will get an aggregated overview of the most important basics of a negotiation and gain insights into different techniques that can be applied in different negotiation situations.