#1 MS Teams – make virtual meeting moderation effective

In this virtual program you will get security in the use of MS Teams and improve your facilitator skills. You learn how to use MS Teams functions such as chat, webcam and breakout rooms in a new way that makes MS Teams meetings much more effective. You get concrete ideas how to increase participants‘ attention by using different interactive elements. You get tips and tricks how to efficiently structure and organize your MS Teams meetings.

Presentations with wow effect – Present clearly and confidently

In any profession, making a good presentation is the be-all and end-all. Successful presentations require much more than colorful PowerPoint charts. Bad presentations and speeches are lost time and wasted opportunities.  Together with your trainer, you will work out what you need to do to spark the audience: How do I prepare properly? How do I practice a presentation? How do I make a good first impression? How do I place my message effectively? How do I convince – indeed, how do I inspire – my audience? 

Leading beyond Authority – Shaping collaboration, driving topics and projects

The program addresses the challenges teams are facing today: How can you cope with the complexity of today’s work environment, your role and your task? How can you convince your team members and colleagues to engage with your topics and contribute to your project? How can you achieve clarity regarding team goals and desired results and take everyone with you? How can you shape an appreciative and constructive team culture? We will get to the bottom of these and other questions in this program. You will reflect on the challenges of leadership without authority and be able to face them. You will understand your influence on trustful and goal-oriented cooperation and how to establish an appreciative and constructive team culture. You will discover important leadership tools and the basics of agile collaboration and be able to establish the team structure appropriate for the respective project goal.

Feedback as a Chance

To achieve the desired success on both sides in a feedback discussion, tact alone is not enough. Learn practical tools and strategies for giving and receiving effective and targeted feedback.

Yellow Pages MS Teams

thyssenkrupp employees can find lots of relevant information for their usage of MS Teams. This E-Learning will help you to find helpful resources for the specific topics that you are looking for, understand basic and advanced functions as well as explore more effective ways to integrate MS Teams in your everday working life.

Leading in Dynaxity – Top Leadership Reflection

Leadership in an environment that is characterized by high dynamics and complexity (dynaxity) requires a new “agile” leadership mindset, promoting an empowered, highly self-organized work force. This program provides a precise map of agile leadership and the associated behaviors. On the one hand, concrete practices, tools and methods are discussed and how these can be applied to one's own leadership style. On the other hand, deep personal experiences will be made possible, which will broaden the view of leadership in the long term, both in terms of self-leadership and the leadership of the entire organization.<br/> Intense coaching and reflection, as well as exchange and discussion on the following topics: - Why leadership must change and what this means for self-leadership - Constructively empowering teams and organizations to pursue company goals - Leading teams in a potential-oriented manner – role and strength-based cooperation - Development of personal leadership vision/one's own leadership model

Mastering Challenging Communciation in virtual Environments

Virtual and hybrid meetings are here to stay. While communication maturity and conflict management capabilities are an essential success factor for leaders in general, challenges around difficult conversations and interpersonal tensions are amplified in the hybrid space. This program supports you in handling these situations with confidence: - How do I lead critical conversations successfully, particularly in hybrid settings? - How do I embrace tensions as a creative force and achieve mastery in conflict resolution? - How can I create frame conditions for effective virtual and hybrid meetings?

Conflicts! Let’s tackle it! – Identifying causes and solving conflicts

In this program you will learn to recognize conflicts at an early stage, to analyze them and to deal with them constructively. You will learn what the psychological background is for escalating conflicts, which conflict traps you can fall into and how to leave typical roles and patterns in order to be able to shape conflict situations in a solution-oriented way again. You know your own conflict style and can identify that of conflict partners. You will be able to involve your conflict partners in conflict management and use suitable methods to conduct conflict discussions in an appreciative and solution-oriented manner and to moderate them in a de-escalating manner.

#2 MS Teams – make virtual meeting collaboration effective

In this virtual program for advanced MS Teams users, you will learn methods, tools and techniques for successful collaboration in virtual MS Teams meetings. Efficient collaboration via MS Teams is becoming increasingly important in today's virtual and hybrid working world. Away from pure "front-line meetings", towards the joint development of results. Here you will get concrete application ideas of how to use the MS Teams group rooms, learn about apps such as Forms and Planner, the functionalities of the whiteboard as well as the joint editing of documents in your MS Teams channels. In addition, you will receive practical examples and interaction methods to foster social exchange. Increase your team spirit and thus the willingness to actively engage in virtual collaboration.

Successful appearance in front of groups – Directly experience your own effect

In this program you will discover and develop your personal rhetorical potential. You will learn step by step the tools for effective performances. Proven exercises and detailed feedback support you on this path. You will experience and improve your personal impact on the audience. Your awareness of an understandable and powerful speech and voice will be reawakened. In this way, you will succeed, for example, in getting messages to the point and speaking fluently, without ""uhs"". Supplemented by the variety of expression possibilities by means of body language, you will manage to carry your audience along from the beginning to the end of your performance. Professional preparation and follow-up will help you to constantly improve your performances.

What the hell are OKR's?

This session will give you insights why the OKRs concept is helpful the context of increasing dynamic and complex working environments. It will cover where the OKR approach makes sense (and where not). You will get impulses how to start with OKRs: How do I define the right goals? What are "Key Results"? How do I measure OKRs? How do OKRs help me in my daily business?

Audacious like a pirate! – Self-leadership in unpredictable times

The world is spinning faster and faster, becoming more incalculable and constantly presenting us with new challenges. Are there strategies to deal with this development constructively, even to make it controllable and usable for us individually?  Yes, there are – and there are fascinating role models from whom we can learn these strategies. Based on the story of the historic pirates 400 years ago in the "Golden Age of Piracy", this program shows how we can continuously advance our thought and behavioral patterns. It is about increasing our adaptability, about conscious and clear self-leadership, about clarity and decision-making sovereignty – and about the reliable, inner compass that guides our actions. Pirates never operated in stable conditions. Anytime and anywhere, they were in mortal danger and had to permanently act more agile, faster and more surprisingly than their opponents in order to be successful. Their clever, unconventional and audacious strategies provide us with an excellent role model for today.

Enforcement meets diplomacy – Conducting conversations in difficult situations

You will be able to use the most important argumentation techniques confidently and to convince your interlocutor of your concerns even in the face of resistance. You know the decisive factors of personal assertiveness. This will enable you to steer conversations confidently and to assert your own point of view. You know the meaning of status games and can vary your behavior according to the situation. You have a tool at hand with which you can view and influence every day and professional interactions from a completely new perspective. You know how to defuse tense, difficult situations, speak plainly and embody positive authority in a credible way.

Negotiation Skills Advanced

Negotiations are not always easy and smooth, let alone conflict-free. A successful negotiator is not only expected to have the right strategy and arguments at hand, but also to be competent in negotiation psychology, to have an instinct for complex interrelationships and a confident, convincing performance. In this program you will acquire extensive knowledge and tools for the correct handling of the most diverse difficult negotiation situations and behavioral patterns of negotiation partners. At the same time you sharpen the perception of your own typical behavioral patterns in a negotiation, recognize the added value of team negotiations (but also their risks), and know how to apply specific tools and tactics in a negotiation. A further topic is negotiation at a distance, which has gained importance especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic: How can I build up empathy with my negotiation partner despite distance, how do I deal with stress caused by the new digital medias and what are the Do's & Don’ts of digital negotiations?

The AI Bootcamp – Exploring the New Tomorrow

The technological development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI, opens up unimagined possibilities – and much faster than anticipated, but also with many possible directions. But what is certain: AI will be an integral part of all our lives in a few at the latest, and the sooner we get to grips with the possibilities, the better we can actively manage the potentials and challenges ahead. In our exclusive AI Bootcamp, you'll discover the future of AI for your business in two consecutive half days. On the first afternoon, you will learn via various impulses and expert presentations which technological developments will determine the next few years and which scenarios may occur. This will help you better understand the strategic importance of AI for your customers and your business. The next morning, you will actively participate in a workshop. You will develop a realistic AI scenario and define your strategic positioning. Our goal is to inspire you to understand all facets of AI, to derive the impact on your business model and to develop first short- and long-term approaches. Join us and secure your spot in this AI Bootcamp now to start unlocking the full potential of Artificial Intelligence for your business.

Powerful words! Confident and convincing in personal communication

You will learn the basics of persuasion, appreciation and receiver-oriented language in personal communication. You will work on techniques for leading discussions and you will explore how to remain authoritative and calm, even in difficult situations. You can distinguish different types of communication-preferences and know how to address them in an appropriate way. You will recognize the impact of your own behavior on others and strengthen your persuasive power.

Negotiation Skills Basics

Every day, we conduct countless negotiations, consciously or unconsciously, both in private and in business, in order to achieve concrete goals. Negotiating is therefore one of the most urgent management skills of today's business and the key to business success. During this program, you will acquire basic negotiation skills that will enable you to professionally prepare and effectively conduct negotiations in your daily business. You will get an aggregated overview of the most important basics of a negotiation and gain insights into different techniques that can be applied in different negotiation situations.

Facilitation of Workshops and Meetings – Results-oriented and focused meetings

Professional moderation helps in meetings and workshops, despite the different expectations of the participants, not to lose the red thread and to move forward together. The commitment of the participants grows when goals are clearly defined and results can be recorded and reviewed. In this program, you will learn techniques and methods to gain even more confidence in your moderation role. With the learned facilitation techniques, you will be able to lead information, planning, or decision-making processes in groups. Your goal-oriented facilitation will produce sustainable results and the participants will work effectively. You create an open communication atmosphere, ensure understanding among the participants and contribute to the clarification of conflicts.

Leading in Dynaxity – Leadership Reflection

Leadership in an environment that is characterized by high dynamic and complexity (dynaxity), requires the structure and design of (more) agile organizational units. This does not require less leadership, but rather a different kind of leadership. This program therefore provides a precise map of classic and agile leadership and the associated attitudes. In addition to understand the new concepts, the program offers possibilities for a personal internalization of the underlying way of thinking which finally enables a real expansion of the leadership repertoire in practice. Contents here are: - Why leadership changes and must change - Constructive handling of ambiguity, dynamics and complexity - Leading teams in a potential-oriented manner – role and strength-based cooperation