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PowerPoint at thyssenkrupp: Creating appealing slides in corporate design

In this training we will introduce you to the basics of corporate design as part of corporate identity and how you can use the wide range of PowerPoint functions to create appealing presentations in thyssenkrupp corporate design. But what exactly are corporate design and corporate identity at thyssenkrupp? You will find out in this workshop. <pr> Using the thyssenkrupp styleguide, we will familiarize ourselves with the visual language and typical elements of thyssenkrupp presentations, applying useful resources and PowerPoint features in this regard. This will give you the tools you need to create presentations that not only meet thyssenkrupp’s design standards, but are also worthwhile and convincing.

More efficiency in your day-to-day work – Discovering und using the basics of PowerPoint

The program offers you an overview of the possibilities of PowerPoint and how these can be used in everyday working life, without going into too much detail. The goal of the training is to get confident in using the most frequently used PowerPoint functions. You will learn how to create your own presentations and insert elements such as text, images, tables and links. You will be able to create simple graphics and change the (general) slide layout (keyword: slide master).

More efficiency in your day-to-day work – Understanding and using Microsoft Excel with confidence

The course teaches the most important functions for everyday work and covers a wide range of features. The training covers the following topics: Basics, such as formatting, filters, relative & absolute references, drop-down menus, sheet protection and comment function; tips & tricks; conditional formatting; mathematical & statistical functions; date functions; logical functions; reference functions; charts; pivot tables and pivot charts.

PowerPoint at thyssenkrupp: Creating appealing slides in corporate design

This course shows you how to efficiently design presentations in the thyssenkrupp corporate design. With the help of the thyssenkrupp styleguide, you will also learn which formatting and visual language are used at thyssenkrupp. In addition, effective tools and sources will be used.

Microsoft Office E-Learnings

thyssenkrupp employees can find lots of relevant information for their usage of MS Teams. This E-Learning will help you to find helpful resources for the specific topics that you are looking for, understand basic and advanced functions as well as explore more effective ways to integrate MS Teams in your everday working life.