Personal Effectiveness

Presentations with wow effect – Present clearly and confidently

In any profession, making a good presentation is the be-all and end-all. Successful presentations require much more than colorful PowerPoint charts. Bad presentations and speeches are lost time and wasted opportunities.  Together with your trainer, you will work out what you need to do to spark the audience: How do I prepare properly? How do I practice a presentation? How do I make a good first impression? How do I place my message effectively? How do I convince – indeed, how do I inspire – my audience? 

Mastering Challenging Communciation in virtual Environments

Virtual and hybrid meetings are here to stay. While communication maturity and conflict management capabilities are an essential success factor for leaders in general, challenges around difficult conversations and interpersonal tensions are amplified in the hybrid space. This program supports you in handling these situations with confidence: - How do I lead critical conversations successfully, particularly in hybrid settings? - How do I embrace tensions as a creative force and achieve mastery in conflict resolution? - How can I create frame conditions for effective virtual and hybrid meetings?

Conflicts! Let’s tackle it! – Identifying causes and solving conflicts

In this program you will learn to recognize conflicts at an early stage, to analyze them and to deal with them constructively. You will learn what the psychological background is for escalating conflicts, which conflict traps you can fall into and how to leave typical roles and patterns in order to be able to shape conflict situations in a solution-oriented way again. You know your own conflict style and can identify that of conflict partners. You will be able to involve your conflict partners in conflict management and use suitable methods to conduct conflict discussions in an appreciative and solution-oriented manner and to moderate them in a de-escalating manner.

Performing in a Public Environment

You will practice how to strategically address others not only with the right message at the right time, but also with the right format to spark engagement, dialogue and honest openness. This program supports you to present your ideas clearly and confidently in a way that supports your personality.

Female Empowerment – Speak up and shine!

Strengthen your inner attitude and express yourself with a strong voice You will get to know your voice inside and out, learn to use it in a targeted way and be able to act and speak confidently in different professional situations. You will consolidate your inner strengths and combine them authentically with your external expression. This will help you gain presence and assertiveness!

Presence with voice and body

You will learn how to use your body and voice to manage yourself, situations and the contact with others in an appreciative way. You will appear calm and powerful, even in emotionally tricky situations.

Successful appearance in front of groups – Directly experience your own effect

In this program you will discover and develop your personal rhetorical potential. You will learn step by step the tools for effective performances. Proven exercises and detailed feedback support you on this path. You will experience and improve your personal impact on the audience. Your awareness of an understandable and powerful speech and voice will be reawakened. In this way, you will succeed, for example, in getting messages to the point and speaking fluently, without ""uhs"". Supplemented by the variety of expression possibilities by means of body language, you will manage to carry your audience along from the beginning to the end of your performance. Professional preparation and follow-up will help you to constantly improve your performances.

Convincing with Personality – Confident.Quick-witted.Appreciating

A personality captivates others, convinces and inspires. It is above all their authenticity, their clarity and inner strength that reaches and radiates to others. It convinces not only professionally, but also humanly, and this is also of great importance in working life. How convincing do you appear to others? How do you see yourself? How do others perceive you?   Do your self-image and the image of others match? How confidently do you act in difficult moments of conversation? These and other exciting questions will be explored in the practical seminar. Learn to assess yourself better through self-reflection, constructive feedback on your personality and in-depth exercises. You will gain credibility, charisma and persuasiveness. In addition, you will learn how to remain confident even in critical situations and how to clearly distinguish yourself. There will be shown ways of using witty repartee to bring conversations to a factual level, thus preventing the occurrence of verbal duels in the first place. You will receive a toolbox for successful criticism and appreciative communication.

Audacious like a pirate! – Self-leadership in unpredictable times

The world is spinning faster and faster, becoming more incalculable and constantly presenting us with new challenges. Are there strategies to deal with this development constructively, even to make it controllable and usable for us individually?  Yes, there are – and there are fascinating role models from whom we can learn these strategies. Based on the story of the historic pirates 400 years ago in the "Golden Age of Piracy", this program shows how we can continuously advance our thought and behavioral patterns. It is about increasing our adaptability, about conscious and clear self-leadership, about clarity and decision-making sovereignty – and about the reliable, inner compass that guides our actions. Pirates never operated in stable conditions. Anytime and anywhere, they were in mortal danger and had to permanently act more agile, faster and more surprisingly than their opponents in order to be successful. Their clever, unconventional and audacious strategies provide us with an excellent role model for today.

The good way to deal with yourself – Self-confident. Value-oriented. Resilient.

Inner strength and a good way of dealing with yourself are the basis for a self-confident appearance as well as for a good cooperation with colleagues, superiors, employees and customers.  Dealing well with yourself - what sounds so simple is sometimes a fine art. This is not least due to the fact that the many challenges in everyday life often leave little time to reflect on oneself, on one's own life. As a consequence, we constantly lose the inner contact to ourselves. Therefore, take some time for yourself in this seminar. Experience the many possibilities for more power and serenity in life. Develop clarity about your own personality, recognize constricting thought patterns and learn to let them go. Learn the central pillars of self-awareness, do your personal values check, question your own values and recognize new possibilities for action.

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Workhacks for self-management & collaboration

High work pressure, diverse projects, changing teams, remote collaboration – all of this is looking for tips & tricks to optimize your skills. In this one-day, virtual training, you will discover and reflect on how you can optimize your working methods and strengthen collaboration in teams. You will dive into the topic of hybrid working and learn how you can increase your efficiency. <br/>You will expand your intercultural understanding and learn how to integrate this knowledge into your everyday work. In order to better organize your professional and personal everyday life, you will develop and reflect on practical skills in time and energy management that will help you. You will improve your communication skills through active listening, among other things, and thus strengthen your interpersonal relationships. And finally, master the art of constructive feedback to create an environment of continuous improvement.

Stress Management – Calm and confident even in challenging times

Especially in uncertain and dynamic times, our personal stress management is challenged: Tasks and goals change constantly, permanent change challenges us and in all of this, we try to balance private and professional goals and expectations. In short: stress is pre-programmed. In this program, you will learn how to deal with these challenges and remain calm and confident even in demanding times.

Leading Through Coaching

You will discover coaching as a powerful leadership tool which you can use to enable your people to both achieve peak performance and to reach their full potential.

Powerful words! Confident and convincing in personal communication

You will learn the basics of persuasion, appreciation and receiver-oriented language in personal communication. You will work on techniques for leading discussions and you will explore how to remain authoritative and calm, even in difficult situations. You can distinguish different types of communication-preferences and know how to address them in an appropriate way. You will recognize the impact of your own behavior on others and strengthen your persuasive power.

Controlling chaos: Mastering complexity and staying focused at work

Continuously interrupted! Always available through smartphones and networked computers, we experience how our attention is divided into slices. We are constantly sending and receiving email messages like human network routers, interspersed with frequent interruptions for brief distractions. On the other hand, if you work in a concentrated manner, you can use your time more optimally. This program offers you practical strategies to help you focus 100% of your attention on the most important task. You will learn how to sustainably increase your attention span and the speed of cognitive information processing. News from intelligence and brain research help to fully utilize valuable potential in order to produce high-quality results. Instead of just being busy, you are productive and achieve your goals with satisfaction.

To the point: Argue strongly, convince better! – Pyramidal Structuring

You apply structuring skills and pyramidal communication in order to better communicate your concerns in meetings and presentations “to the point”. In this so-called pyramidal communication, the core message is at the beginning of your verbal or written communication, to be subsequently explained in a logical manner with the "best" numbers, data and facts – ideal for your internal decision templates or external customer presentations.

Successful Self-Organization and Effective Time Management

Do you feel like you're running out of time? One deadline follows the other and you lack time for free space and concentrated work? In this program, you will learn to optimize your personal work style using appropriate methods and to master multiple and also global challenges in a more stress-free and goal-focused manner through prioritization. You will manage your time more confidently and improve your work performance!

Speed reading techniques and memory training – How to manage the high amount of information

The amount of information we have to absorb every day is constantly increasing. Knowledge is today mainly delivered in digital form. Today, e-mails and electronic formats are our essential sources of information. Recognizing the essentials quickly and accurately and remembering it later is becoming increasingly challenging. By changing old habits, using amazingly simple and practical techniques, you can make this process easier and work more efficiently in the future.