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Video series "AI from start to future"

In our free video series "AI from start to future", we give you the opportunity to get a good initial overview of the broad spectrum of Artificial Intelligence. In entertaining videos, our avatar Jan will guide you through various key topics.

Start right here with the first episode "Basics of AI". Further episodes will be released soon. Stay tuned and be sure to check back here from time to time!
Please note, that the videos are available in German only.

AI Basics

AI is more than just a topic for science fiction fans.
Discover in this video what AI actually means and why it is so exciting!

AI Tools

Hundreds of new AI tools are released every month. Learn more about two of the most popular generative tools for text and image creation here.

AI assistance systems

Copilot, Power Automate and co. AI will make our day-to-day work much easier in the coming years.
Learn more about the possibilities that AI assistance systems already offer you today.

AI Prompting

We use so-called "prompts" to communicate with AI systems. In this video, you will learn how "prompting" works and which simple tips and tricks help to generate good and convincing results.


From Zero to AI – Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for the curious and beginners

The future starts now, because Artificial Intelligence is increasingly finding its way into our everyday working lives and will shape and change them. AI can already be found in our production and manufacturing, but it will also become part of our applications such as Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. AI will support and relieve us in many areas, open up new possibilities, simplify our processes and improve our performance as an organization. We will use it to generate texts and images, create concepts and proposals and to process information. So it's time to get to grips with the topic of AI and be curious in order to exploit the full potential of AI in the future. This program helps you to understand and classify the basics of AI and takes away any fear of contact with AI systems in a playful way. Regardless of your current knowledge and previous experience with AI, you will learn the necessary skills in dealing with generative AI and language models such as Copilot, GPTs and other AIs.

Demystifying the Digital World

Today's working world as well as our private lives are more than ever characterized by rapid developments of technologies and an increasing digitalization in all areas. This offers many benefits such as new investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies or even a deeper understanding of our customers through the processing of millions of data sets. But the variety of topics has increased to such a drastic extent and at such a speed that it is sometimes difficult to keep a sufficiently good eye on all developments. Therefore, this series of impulses will highlight selected topics and discuss them in depth. Click on "register now" to see the topics of each session before.

The AI Bootcamp – Exploring the New Tomorrow

The technological development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI, opens up unimagined possibilities – and much faster than anticipated, but also with many possible directions. But what is certain: AI will be an integral part of all our lives in a few at the latest, and the sooner we get to grips with the possibilities, the better we can actively manage the potentials and challenges ahead. In our exclusive AI Bootcamp, you'll discover the future of AI for your business in two consecutive half days. On the first afternoon, you will learn via various impulses and expert presentations which technological developments will determine the next few years and which scenarios may occur. This will help you better understand the strategic importance of AI for your customers and your business. The next morning, you will actively participate in a workshop. You will develop a realistic AI scenario and define your strategic positioning. Our goal is to inspire you to understand all facets of AI, to derive the impact on your business model and to develop first short- and long-term approaches. Join us and secure your spot in this AI Bootcamp now to start unlocking the full potential of Artificial Intelligence for your business.


AI Impact Hub

Further information on the strategic initiative around
Artificial Intelligence at thyssenkrupp can be found on the

AI Impact Hub in the we.net

Microsoft 365 Copilot

The test project for the M365 Copilot on the tkAG tenant was successfully completed in April 2024 after an eight-month test phase. The M365 Copilot integrates the AI technology of the Microsoft Copilot into MS Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Whiteboard or Planner.

A demand survey for licenses is currently underway. If you are interested in a license and for further information, please contact your IT manager or Daniel Buck or Iris Wörtler.

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