Leading in Dynaxity

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Leading in Dynaxity – Impulse Session

Our (working) world is characterized by high dynamics and complexity. Control and management approaches that have been successful up to now will meet yours effectiveness limits. This interactive virtual impulse session is available Insights therefore new, agile control approaches an agile organization and Management culture requires and what requirements result from it derive leadership.

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Leading in Dynaxity – Leadership Reflection

Leadership with high dynamics and complexity (“Dynaxity”) requires the Structure and design of agile(er) organizational units. This requires not less leadership, but rather a different kind of leadership. This new program therefore gives a precise map classic and agile leadership and the associated attitudes. In addition to understanding the new concepts, only the personal internalization of the underlying way of thinking a real one Extension of the leadership repertoire in practice. Therefore combined this program external and internal aspects of this agile leadership. On the one hand, concrete behaviors, tools and methods discussed and also like this profitable on their own Leadership initiatives can be applied. On the other hand, deep personal experiences are made possible, which change the perspective of leadership will expand sustainably, both to self-leadership and to the leadership of the entire organization.

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Leading in Dynaxity – Learning Expedition

This new Learning Expedition is all about Challenges that come with leadership in an increasingly dynamic and complex world are connected. The focus is on questions of how to be in today's unpredictable business world can be successful, especially with regard to leadership, Work organization and forms of cooperation. learning and exploring "Best practices" for a modern change of management paradigms and increase your agile leadership effectiveness Self-organize your team and develop your own personal and agile leadership.

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What the hell are OKR's?

This session will give you insights why the OKRs concept is helpful the context of increasing dynamic and complex working environments. It will cover where the OKR approach makes sense (and where not). You will get impulses how to start with OKRs: How do I define the right goals? What are "Key Results"? How do I measure OKRs? How do OKRs help me in my daily business?

Leading in Dynaxity – Leadership Reflection

Leadership in an environment that is characterized by high dynamic and complexity (dynaxity) requires the structure and design of (more) agile organizational units. This does not require less leadership, but rather a different kind of leadership. This program therefore provides a precise map of classic and agile leadership and the associated attitudes. Contents here are: - Why leadership changes and must change - Constructive handling of ambiguity, dynamics and complexity - Leading teams in a potential-oriented manner – role and strength-based cooperation

From remote to hybrid – Leading teams in the Digital Age

As of a leader of a hybrid team, how can I Continue to lead successfully and set the necessary impulses? - Build and maintain connection and trust-based relationships within the team? - Maintain sense of identification and loyalty with the company? - Enable innovation/new ideas to emerge despite the lack of physical, informal touchpoints? - Achieve fairness in dealing with, evaluating and leading the team members? - Create transparency of information? - Maintain team motivation in virtual, hybrid working methods over a longer period of time?

Optimizing Leadership Impact

The program focuses on strengthening your skills in strategy, entrepreneurship and decision-making. Additionally, you will discuss and reflect on agile leadership. You will learn techniques for effective decision making and apply them in concrete examples. Thus, you will expand your ability to take ideas and translate them into actionable, sustainable and innovative outcomes. This increases the performance and value contribution of your own area of responsibility. You will learn how to drive business in an innovative way, using available resources and in alignment with the corporate vision.

Leading Through Coaching

You will discover coaching as a powerful leadership tool which you can use to enable your people to both achieve peak performance and to reach their full potential.

Leading in Dynaxity – Learning Expedition

Learn about the ingredients for successful team empowermentThe Learning Expedition is all about leading and thriving in an increasingly dynamic world and will focus on the question on how to succeed in today's unpredictable business world? For that, the 4-day experience will take you to a living metaphor for resilience and transformation. You will build decisive leadership capabilities that help you to navigate challenging situations internally and externally. With constant change being the new normal, this program will allow you to explore the ingredients for embracing the unknown, for leading through uncertainty and - most importantly - building resilience with an agile mindset. In particular you will: - Learn about the forces that shape today's and tomorrow's business environment. - Explore approaches to better lead and collaborate in complex settings. - Hear about agile setups for teams and organizations. - Learn about the ingredients for successful team empowerment. - Feel more comfortable running and building your business in parallel (ambidextrous leadership)

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