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Sustaining Peak Performance​

This innovative, multi-modular program is based on the latest Findings from neuroscience and resilience. It shall be yours conduct effectively and in the long term in the direction of sustainable high performance transform.
You will learn how it works and how it interacts of the brain and body and learn what it takes to achieve and maintain high performance in everyday work.

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Understanding and creating personal resilience –increasing individual performance 

Learn which personal influencers and personal prerequisites exisists for your own performance and how you increase them sustainably or even in really challenging situations can be sustained.

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Leading for Health and Wellbeing

You will get to know a variety of methods with which you can take steps towards better health, greater satisfaction and productivity for yourself and for your employees.

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Controlling chaos: Mastering complexity and staying focused at work

Continuously interrupted! Always available through smartphones and networked computers, we experience how our attention is divided into slices. We are constantly sending and receiving email messages like human network routers, interspersed with frequent interruptions for brief distractions. On the other hand, if you work in a concentrated manner, you can use your time more optimally. This program offers you practical strategies to help you focus 100% of your attention on the most important task. You will learn how to sustainably increase your attention span and the speed of cognitive information processing. News from intelligence and brain research help to fully utilize valuable potential in order to produce high-quality results. Instead of just being busy, you are productive and achieve your goals with satisfaction.

The good way to deal with yourself – Self-confident. Value-oriented. Resilient.

Inner strength and a good way of dealing with yourself are the basis for a self-confident appearance as well as for a good cooperation with colleagues, superiors, employees and customers.  Dealing well with yourself - what sounds so simple is sometimes a fine art. This is not least due to the fact that the many challenges in everyday life often leave little time to reflect on oneself, on one's own life. As a consequence, we constantly lose the inner contact to ourselves. Therefore, take some time for yourself in this seminar. Experience the many possibilities for more power and serenity in life. Develop clarity about your own personality, recognize constricting thought patterns and learn to let them go. Learn the central pillars of self-awareness, do your personal values check, question your own values and recognize new possibilities for action.

Successful Self-Organization and Effective Time Management

Do you feel like you're running out of time? One deadline follows the other and you lack time for free space and concentrated work? In this program, you will learn to optimize your personal work style using appropriate methods and to master multiple and also global challenges in a more stress-free and goal-focused manner through prioritization. You will manage your time more confidently and improve your work performance!

Stress Management – Calm and confident even in challenging times

Especially in uncertain and dynamic times, our personal stress management is challenged: Tasks and goals change constantly, permanent change challenges us and in all of this, we try to balance private and professional goals and expectations. In short: stress is pre-programmed. In this program, you will learn how to deal with these challenges and remain calm and confident even in demanding times.

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